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Sultan Chap

Technology, Quality, Speed & Accuracy

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Printing Package and Lables Of Food Infustry Products

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About Us

Sultan Chap, founded in 1958, has more than six decades of experience in the printing industry and is a pioneer in this constantly evolving industry.

With introduction of Flexo and Rotogravure printing technologies and use of new and more advanced systems such as laser engraved digital plate production, Sultan Chap has maintained its competitive advantage over other companies within printing and flexible packaging industry. Sultan Chap will continue its efforts to gain access to and use of cutting-edge technologies and equipment that enable it to outperform its competitors in this dynamic industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to respect our customers, the consumers and the environment through production of qualitative and evnironmentally friendly packaging.

Our Vision

We are always focusing to meet needs of our customers. Our core values ​​are to provide compassionate, excellent and delightfully different service.

Our Mission

BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We strive to deliver an excellent and superior quality enabling our customers to focus on other aspects of their business.

DIFFERENT: As a dynamic printing and packaging service provider, we strive to constantly look for different and better ways of doing things and provide our customers with a better printing and packaging experience.


Years of Printing Experience

Our skills

What we are best at

We are leaders in prepress and printing services

Customer-centric design


Composite production with high quality


Production of high quality stereotypes



what we do

Pre-printing and printing services

By using the latest technology available in the production of clichés and cylinders for flexo and rotogravure printing, we have helped our customers with the efficiency of the latest technologies in the printing industry in Iran.


Laminate, in Sultan Chap's production cycle, prepares printed products for the use of various applications such as food for long-term storage of these materials. This service has the capability of laminating with solvent and without solvent and cold seal.



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